The Legislature's final day was a flurry of legislative battles seeing some really important bills pass, some sneak through and a load of others die just inches from the finish line.
After years of bonkers endings, the end of the 32nd legislative session almost seemed like a return to normal.
Strange things done at the end of session.
"The Board thus candidly admits that its decision to pair JBER with North Eagle River was to amplify conservative voices by creating a safe Republican…
"The new question for the court to answer is does remand cure a gerrymander?" asked Gardner, the attorney for Girdwood. "Could a board launder its…
Simpson made his feelings on some of these articles clear, for example responding to one such e-mail by calling Matt Buxton, who operates The Midnight…
'If not now, then when?'
They couldn't muster the votes for cuts but did have the votes for diving boards.
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The Midnight Sun Memo by Matt Buxton