Also, the Legislature gets to work and the redistricting lawsuit nears.
Also the Alaska Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Ballot Measure 2, Ways and Means looks at the long-term budget and a new legislator pay plan is…
When the Legislature is looking for some certainty that the state’s golden goose is in good hands, deflection and projection isn’t a great strategy.
And all through the capitol, not a creature was stirring, not even the House.
It's starting to feel a lot like session.
It's like contact tracing with all the big-tech concerns about privacy and security.
We get to chat with Alaska's senior senator about Jan. 6, her place in the GOP, big-ticket legislation, her favorite things from 2021 and her…
Video games, hobbying, catching fish and making breakfast.
The latest case counts aren't great, and they're even more questionable when you consider that testing is about a third of what it was during the delta…
What kind of year was 2021?
Might as well start to wrap up this year like it started, with the latest bizarreness from the world of Sen. Lora Reinbold.