Who's the worst legislator?

You'll decide! (But it's probably Sen. Lora Reinbold.)

Happy Friday, Alaska!

In this edition: The latest round of The Midnight Sun legislator rankings is HERE, the special session drags on, Dunleavy gets to campaigning on the state dime, Anchorage continues to figure out its response to homelessness, Alaska’s elected officials can get back to Biden Bashing and that’s DEFINITELY IT. Definitely no bad political take about Alaska turning blue. Oh, and the reading list and weekend watching.

The 2021 legislative session is trundling to a conclusion amid warnings of government shutdowns and pleas for them to finally, perhaps, maybe, start to think of not kicking the can down the road. This year's highlights include... um... a very lame party in the gym, the Caucus of Equals, a tasteless joke or two, way too many amendments and, of course, Eagle River Republican Sen. Lora Reinbold. 

We're putting together our fourth comprehensive ranking of Alaska's sitting legislators and need your totally scientific and totally unbiased help. Below, we’ve got a link to a survey with all 60 legislators and need you to rate them based on their intelligence, ethics and effectiveness. There's also some room, if you so choose, to suggest a nickname and the best will be included in the final results (c'mon, guys, step you your game! Last year's were... just OK.). Everything from your responses to your comments will remain anonymous from the survey to the final post.

You can find the results of the previous rankings here: 20202019 and 2018.

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All the rest

It’s nice out, it’s First Friday and I just spilled day-old coffee all over myself, so let’s hit the high points of the week:

Ah, Alaskans dunking on Outsiders. Some things never get old.

Weekend reading

And now for something completely different

A few weeks ago, I highlighted a big development in the saga that has become the Marble Machine X, a Rube Goldberg-esque instrument that sparked a lot of imaginations back when a rickety concept was released back in 2016. The channel went quiet right after that video because, surprise, there were other hitches with the whole machine. Anyways, Martin finally released a new update on Thursday that serves as an excellent check-in (and jump-in) spot for the project.